I know this is like a year later, but I too have the original Proliant ML370 server.

Trying to find information about this card and the NC3163 NIC card has been
difficult at best. As far as I can tell, HP is using an OEM of the Intel 82559 Fast
Ethernet controller.

There is some info here:


But not anything on the RXCHECKSUM parameter. However, doing an F1 on the RX Checksum Offload
says the following: "The RXCHECKSUM keyword is to enable or disable offloading of receive checksum
to hardware."

You have probably already retired this machine by now :)

Jonathan Spangler

>>> Daniel C. Hunt<danhunt@jwhcorp.com> 11/21/2004 7:44 AM >>>

I have an original HP Proliant ML370 server. I am trying to find out
the values for the N100.LAN 'RX Checksum Offload' parameter that goes
in Inetcfg. The default is 0 but when you try to save the config with
RX Checksum Offload' set to 0, you get an error that you have to have a
value. So I put in '1' which was accepted but I don't know what that

Does anyone have info on the various N100 NIC parameter settings and
specifically what the optimum setting are for the RX Checksum Offload
as well as the TxThreshold (defaults to 16) and the Spurious parameter
(defaults to 1) in a NetWare environment?