I am currently running NW65SP3/CPR Release w/eDir, and iManager
2.02. I have not applied the nw65nss4b, or btcpcom patches.

I see that these patches are mentioned in TID-2972447, but it looks like
they are suggesting that they be applied before SP4a only if SP4 has already
been applied. Am I correct, or do I need to apply these patches to my SP3
installation before proceeding with the SP4a upgrade?

Also, in the past I have always downloaded the Support Packs in EXE format
and installed, using NWCONFIG, from the file system. I have since learned
that Novell recommends using the ISO Overlay. When I use the Overlay, is it
better to boot from the CD to upgrade, or should I still use NWCONFIG?

On a seperate note, I have an administrator at a remote location that has
had much trouble with iManager. In the process of trying to correct the
problems, he uninstalled iManager 2.02. Now he doesn't seem to be having
much luck reinstalling iManager. Will the upgrade to SP4a reinstall iManager
automatically, or will he need to install iManager from the SP4a Products CD