Hi everyone....

I have 4 netware 6.5 servers with sp4a.
On two of them, when i go to console screen, i see the Apache2 Web
Manager screen.
But on the two others, when i go to the console screen, i don't have this

The problem i have it's if i try to launch a web browser and i try to
connect to the https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:2200 i can't connect to this two
But on the two others ( where i have the Apache 2 Web Manager screen ),
when i try the https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:2200, that works very well.

Do you have an idea why i have the screen on two servers and not on the
two others?
Where are the configuration file and what can i launched to starts
Apache2 Web Manager ( NLM )?

Note: I have the Apache 2.0.54 for Netware screen on all 4 servers.