We are getting ready to update our servers to NW6.5 SP4a. We have three 6.5
SP2 servers, two of which are in a cluster running 3 cluster resources.
Lets call the two servers in the cluster Server1 and Server2, and call the
standalone server Server3. The cluster resources are: Cluster Master IP
Address, Vol1 (Our data volume and iPrint), and GrpWise (Our GroupWise 7
post office). The other server (S3) runs iManager for the tree, ZENworks
for Desktops 6.5, and our GroupWise WebAccess agents.

I know that I have to unload cluster services on the cluster server that I
am going to upgrade (along with migrating the resources over), but is there
anything else specifically that I should be aware of since services like
iPrint are loaded on the cluster as a resource?

Is there a preferred order that I should follow for doing this upgrade
(Server3, Server1, then Server2)?

I had upgraded Server1 to SP4a and then moved all of the resources over to
it to upgrade Server2 and found that services weren't working properly,
specifically iPrint. Everything loaded fine without any errors, but no
printing worked.

Do I need to upgrade Server3 first since it hosts most of the web services?

Do I need to do something else to get iPrint upgraded since it is loaded as
a resource on the cluster and never really gets updated?

Any input would be greatly appreacited!