I posted earlier regarding an "526 partition create failed" error that
we were receiving when attepmting to add space to our volumes, however
since there were no responses, we have decided that we will try to service
pack the server,with NW 6.5 SP 4A, and the NSS patch n65nss4b. I would like
to know if anyone has had any issues regarding this patch (or should I say
patches)? We want to make sure that this will not cause more issues then it
does fixes. I have seen that some people have simply installed the NW65sp4a
patch and not the NSS patches, can anyone tell me what types of issues we
should be watching out for, or any other type gotchas. Perhaps even if we
should simply install SP3 for now, and wait on SP4a a bit longer? Thank
you, again for any help that can be offered.