During remote migration from NW6.0 to NW 6.5 server was switched off.

After reboot we get the error "error opening response.txt".

I can only give an enter. After that we have a `half` NW 6.5 server.

I can see that server is trying the install script.

SYS: is not mounted.

We think something is missing in the nwinst.tmp directory.

We copied the C:\nwserver.old to c:\nwserver and tried to boot server with
NW6.0, but eDir is already partly updated to Network drivers
(Q57.lan) are disappeared. So probably we cannot do this update again.

DS will not open

Question how can we manually correct this.

At this moment school is closed, but on 2 January employees and student are
waiting for access.

Maybe I can fix something during this holiday.

Please help,

Aalbrecht Jobsen

Hogeschool Zeeland