I'm planning a fairly large upgrade to my current Novell system in the
summer '06 months. I'm just looking for some feedback on tactics and best
tools to use for the job.

First, a little background...
This is a University Department of Residence Life (staff, not students).
The current system is 3 Netware 6.5 sp4a servers in one tree. We employ
the use of ZenWorks 6.5 in a number of ways (mostly application management
as we develop in-house) and a GroupWise 7 e-mail system. The tree has been
in place for probably 6-8 years since the Netware 3/4 days. The structure
of the tree hasn't much changed but the hardware and software versions have
followed the times. Administrator turn-over has also been high.

My goals for the upgrade:
1)The disperal of way to many (in my opinion) applications and processes on
too few servers. I'd like to come out with a 2 server file/print cluster,
a single virtual zen-works server, a single virtual web server, and a 3
virtual-server GroupWise cluster.
2)All data transfered and maintained on our SAN system.
3)The clean-up of old and unused items in the tree.
4)Better organization of several OU's in the tree (mostly asthetic).
5)Better overall stability and reliablity (hoping to achieve that through
6)Ability to add services like iPrint and perhaps iFolder.

System Design:
-2 HP Proliant servers (fairly new) running a 6.5sp4a cluster for file
sharing and NDPS.
-1 brand new and very beefy server running VMWare ESX which in turn would
run about 5 virtual servers (1 for Zen, 1 for Web stuff, and 3 for a GW
cluster). Probably dual Xeon and about 8GB of RAM (yet to be purchased).
-All data stored on our HP SAN (~1TB available).

Keeping that in mind, are there any suggestions for best ways to go about
achiveing these goals? I'm not affraid to get my hands dirty but I
definately don't want to lose data and I would probably prefer to keep some
of my existing tree (the Users OU structure is fine, while the Servers OU
sturcture is a mess).
My tree and I appreciate the help,
-Tim Curless