We are testing setting up new servers locally using a TEMP-TREE and are wondering what issues might come up when we uninstall NDS and reinstall it into the new tree/context. For example:

Existing server that is the root of TEST-TREE is:

We setup a new server named DSM-NTW01.DSM.TEST-CENTRAL in TEMP-TREE.

What happens when we uninstall NDS from DSM-NTW01 and then reinstall it to TEST-TREE and a context of DSM.TEST-CENTRAL? DSM-NTW01 would have been originally setup with the same IP address as it will reside on in TEST-TREE, so the IP address will not change, nor will the context, just the tree.

Things we would hope to have installed and pre-configured before this tree move would be:
- Full default install of NetWare 6.0 SP5
- iManager
- Remote Manager
- iMonitor
- iFolder
- NDPS/iPrint
- NSS Pools and Volumes

Are there issues with the methodology in general? Are there specific gotchas with having these applications pre-configured?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Ryan Sinnwell