I am having problems with a new install of OES for Netware. I had a
crashed server (6.0 sp5), I deleted the files out of DS per a "crashed"
server TID. When I fixed the server (New Hard drives); I installed
netware OES from scratch.

When I point my browswer to http://Ip of server/ I get a page cannot be
found. I can access https://IP:2200; it brings up a login screen then
once I login, I get the new Welcome page with all the correct info on it.
Most of the links will not open. I can also get to http://IP:8008/ which
brings up the remote manager login.

I've looked at tons of things and nothing seems to be fixing it, does
anyone have any suggestions?

I've double checked SSL, LDAP Tomcat, and Apache. per many TID's.
But nothing on port 80 or 443 seem to work. I've recreate the SSL certs,
ran PKIDiag, all seems OK with LDAP and SSL. I don't know enough about
tomcat and Apache to test much, it usually either works or doesn't. They
both load without any errors. (at least on the logger screen.)
When I go to TCPCon and look, they are not listed at all.

What am I missing??? AHHH.