Greetings all,

I am planning on upgrading my NetWare servers to sp4a. I have 11 servers in
the tree 10 of them at sp2 and 1 at sp3.

After I upgrade the master replica can I run the sp4a upgrade on the rest of
them at the same time? Or is it best to run them one at a time?

Here is what my plan is --- any thoughts??

1. Full backup
2. Copy over nw65sp4a to server (shut down Mcafee)
3. Shut down Identity Manager
4. Run Health Check TID 1006000 and Use Health Utility from OS cd.
5. NICI key check
6. Upgrade master replica using NWCONFIG
7. Run Time Sync and unatteded full repair
8. Repeat steps on rest of servers (Shutting down GroupWise, Zen,
NDPS(broker, manager))
9. Upgrade NetShield
10. Start up IDM
11. Run TSA5UP18.exe on GroupWise server for new TSAFSGW

Thank you,