Yesterday our GroupWise server stopped receiving emails from or sending
email to internet, but it works normally within our network.
I checked the physical connection which seems OK. I can ping other
servers but not the Gateway which does a static NAT to the Mail server,
and the gateway works fine for every other Static NAT...On the Mail
server in Inetcfg the gateway address is well setup and the arp records
are correct on the Gateway and on Mail servers.
Two days ago I had to repair the Mail pool where DOM and PO are hosted.
For backup purpose STORMGR software from PORTLOCK found some block
unallocated on the pool Mail and would not back it up unless I repair
that pool.
After the repair I could access the PO from the GroupWise Client but I
did not check if we could send or receive email from outside. Any way I
don't think that the pool repair could have wiped out data from the
SYS pool, could it happen?
I am seeking some advice to solve the situation.