I am migrating a 6.5 SP2 server (single server environment) to new
hardware by first installing the destination server as a pre-migration
server and then running Migration Wizard.

I have some questions on what needs to be installed on the pre-migration
(destination) server versus what will be migrated from the source sever:

* I don't need to run Deployment Manager since my source server is at 6.5
SP2, eDir 8.7.x?

* If I boot from the Netware CD, will the install create a DOS partition
of the size I choose? And do people really create 2GB+ DOS partitions?

* The Pre-migration server. Is it all NSS by default? What if my source
server is all traditional? Can I migrate straight from traditional to
NSS? And do I need to create all of my volumes on the destination server
before I run the migration?

* Why would I need IPX? Isn't IP with compatability mode enough?

* I think I need SLP and/or multicast routing configured on both servers
for a successfull migration. SLP.NLM & SNMP.NLM are loaded on the source
server, will they be migrated over to the destination server as part of
the migration?

* How do you license the pre-migration server?

* Should I use TRUSTEE.NLM to backup all trustees?

* What is the best way to backup eDirectory before the migration?

Thanks in advance!