Can nobody help me on this? Its been on another thread for ages without
reply :-(

We have a new server (hardware), upgraded and migrated to NW6.5 from NW6. It
is patched to Sp4.

Netstorage loads up OK, from the browser and it lets you login and you can
see all your files/drives. A good start...
Uploading a file works fine, no errors or problems. But if you try any of
the following operations...
Download, delete, new folder, Properties, rename - NONE of these work.

The thing is, if you DOUBLE-CLICK a file, it tries to open in Internet
explorer, which it does fine. If it's an EXE file it prompts to Open or
Save. So we can work around the download problem, but why do none of these
operations work, the server obviously works otherwise if you can open and

The Properties operation gives an error, where after quite a long wait, the
window fills up with JAVA.NET timeout errors, lots of them.

Any ideas? It's getting desperate now!