I need to break a remote branch off of our WAN. Since this remote branch
will no longer be attached to the rest of the network, I'm thinking that I
can maybe just keep both sides in the same tree and eliminate the excess
objects. Other than the items listed below, can anyone think of any steps I
would need to take to complete this task?

We are running one NetWare 6.5 SP4 (with GroupWise 6.5.5) at each of three
locations. The first server in the tree will remain on the same WAN
connection as another remote location.

My thinking is that I need to make sure that the server being seperated will
need to have read/write copies of all replicas.

I will also want to release the server from the GroupWise system. After
breaking the WAN link, I will also need to modify the link configuration.

After the connection has been broken, I will then need to promote all of the
detached replicas to masters.

Then I will need to somehow establish a CA on this detached system.

I believe that once I have done the steps above, all that will remain is to
remove the excess objects from the tree on both networks.

Other than addressing any licensing issues that may result from these
changes, is there anything else I'm missing here (or perhaps something I've