I have a new Dell server that is 'certified' for NW6.5 SP3 (not official for
4/4a), I am running SP2 on my production server and will set up the new one
as a 'pre-migration' server and use the migration wizard to migrate between
the two.

(I only have to worry about this every 3 years or so...)

I want to verify the steps I need to get the correct versions on both

1) I need to upgrade my SP2 to SP3. I will need to download NetWare 6.5
Support Pack 3 (nw65sp3.exe 09 Mar 2005) and run it on my SP2 production

2) Install Netware on my new 'pre-migration server' using the NetWare 6.5
Products SP3 Overlay CD (nw65prodsp3.iso 02 Mar 2005) and the NetWare 6.5 OS
SP3 Overlay CD (nw65ossp3.iso 02 Mar 2005).

3) Then I can run the migration using the Migration Wizard.

Thanks for your comments!!