Boy, I hope someone here can help, because I am totally confused, and
apparently so are the resellers:

I currently run NWSBS 6.5 with 15 user licenses, all purchased through
CDW about a year or so ago.

I now need to add 5 user licenses, to bring the total user count to 20.
I contacted CDW (from which I purchased the original NWSBS 6.5 and
licenses), and first they quoted me an "Expansion Pack" costing almost
$800. I balked, and they came back with a quote for about half-that
(see quote information below), which are SBS 6.6 licenses, but which can
work with SBS 6.5 (they think). I actually thought the cost of adding 5
licenses would be closer to $250, not $400. I then checked with
Insight, another Novell reseller partner, and they came back with the
same $775+ expansion pack figure.

It turns out that both CDW and Insight are consulting with Novell people
on these licenses, and Novell is giving conflicting and confusing
answers to their resellers. My resellers are as confused as I am.

Could someone here give me the actual Novell part number for a 5-user
license pack to increase my user count to 20? I don't understand why
this is so difficult to understand.

/*Quote from CDW:*/

================================================== ======

1 820080 NOV VLA1 SBS 6.6 5U L1 390.69

Subtotal 390.69
Freight .00
Sales Tax 27.35
Total 418.04

Chip Reinhardt