4 x NW 4.11SP9 IPX servers in their own tree (call it oldtree)
3 x OES 6.5NWSP4a IP servers in their own tree (call it newtree)
We can log into either tree.

We need to:

1. Move selected data from the 3 of the 4 old servers in oldtree to new
servers in newtree. This includes shifting a bunch of user folders from
SYS on one of the old servers to a user volume on one of the new
servers. NDS 6.21 in oldtree.

2. Move all users and trustee assignments from oldtree to newtree.

3. Change NOTHING on the servers in oldtree in the process.

4. Fix user home directory paths in newtree once it's all done.

At the ennd of the process we should have the servers in Oldtree as they
were and the servers in newtree with the copyied data and a duplicate of
the users from oldtree. Once we are happy that everything is as it
should be and the users data and apps etc are all working normally from
the new tree, the old tree will be decommissioned and the hardware

We have tried Ver 6.5 of the Server Consolidation/Migration utility.
It talks about NW 4.2 so theoretically it should work, as far as I know
the difference between 4.2 and 4.11 is fairly trivial.

It finds both trees and seems to log in to both without a problem.
It put up a message about copying new versions of a couple of files,
tsa and smd (I think - this was earlier today and the coffee is no
longer working) It says that the modules may need to be unloaded and
reloaded, did that. No joy from there. Seems to fail trying to setup
the migration link. I suspect the NW 4 side is the problem, can someone
give a walkthrough on what needs to be running on the blasted thing for
this to work?

We can copy the data by other means if needed, and tcopy32 should be
able to copy the trustee assignments, but how else can I copy the
user accounts across?

I initially looked at V7 of the Migration Wizard but it says if
migrating from other than NW5 or 6 I need to use Ver 6.5.

For various reasons I have NO wish to simply migrate the existing tree.

Geoff Roberts
IT Support
Saint Mark's College
Port Pirie, South Australia
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