We are trying to find ways to shave time off of our server deployments for remote offices. The way our network is setup, we cannot set a server up on its final IP and have it see the rest of the tree. So, we have determined the best way to do this will probably be to set it up using an IP in the local subnet, then change the IP when we arrive onsite to deploy the server.

I found TID #10067853 that lists a lot of these changes listed, but with very little detail. Has anyone seen a step-by-step guide that will walk one through all of these changes? Are there any others that I might need to watch out for?

We plan to have the following things installed before arriving on-site:
Core OS with all products installed (just not all running) - NetWare 6.0 SP5
iFolder 1.x
Remote Manager
NetWare WebAccess

After the IP is changed, we plan to install:
GroupWise 6.5
McAfee NetShield
Backup Exec

Thanks in advance!

Ryan Sinnwell