We added two new 6.5 servers to the domain and moved DNS/DHCP from a 6.0 box
to one of the new ones. To retain mail we gave one of the new machines an
old server's ip address and gave the old server (which used to be the name
server) a new address.

Now we have two problems:

- computers with Zenworks 6.5 and Novell 4.91 on them are hanging when
opening "My Computer". I ran a filemon and the explorer is continually
hitting wtray.exe. I'm assuming it's trying to contact/resolve to a server
it's having problems talking to. The only mapped drives are to the old
server that did not get an ip change. I think this may be a result of the
problem 2 below but am not sure.

- the dns is not updating to the new ip addresses. I've changed the ip in
DNS, unloaded and reloaded named/dhcp, ran repair on the ds.

Any ideas?