Hi there,

We currently have a NW5.1SP7 server in our production tree and wish to
replace it (using same IP and server name) with new server hardware running

I've already built the server on an isolated network and restored the data
to make sure it works as part of a DR exercise.

What would be the best plan to replace this. Is best practise to use the
migration utility. Or can we remove the existing NW5.1 server from the
tree (NWCONFIG -dsremove) and leave a placeholder for the server object and
install the new NW6.5 server it it's place.

I was just wondering if there would be any gotta's with existing
certificates and other objects relating to the removed NW5.1 server. I
know that installing a new NW6.5 server in a tree does create some new
objects and confiruration of NRM and iManager.

Any suggestions.