We have a wierd problem I'm hoping someone can give insite to.
We have a NW6.0 server with 3 interfaces to different networks.
We are buiding a Overall new backbone network. I reconfigured one of the
NIC's for the new backbone connection. verified we could ping and all
that. This morning we unplugged the OLD 2 connections, and changed
static routes to reflect the changes. 20% or so of the PC's could not
see or authenticate to the server, but the other 80% could. The Bad
clients could ping the server. We tried the client with a prefered
protocol of IPX and IP with no difference. All clients are on the new
backbone connection side.
We finally gave up and reconnected one of the Old connections and the
clients that could not connect were fixed.
It is like the client would not connect unless it used the same
connection it had last time.
Where should we start looking?