I've seen the following problem on multiple systems where I upgrade a
NW65sp3 server to NW65sp4a.
The Service Pack installs just fine with no errors. Following the reboot, I
allow the .rpm scripts to install and then I reboot the server again.
At this point, I try to connect to Virtual office using the
http://<server>/vo URL. If I get an answer at all, then I get a web page
telling me that I need to configure Virtual Office v. 1.6. If I continue
with the configuration, a Virtual Office container is created under my
server context containing several objects which seem to parallel the same
objects found in the Extend container (also in the server context). If I
restart the server and try to connect to VO, I get no VO login page, merely
a half-formed web page that has no real content. At this point my iManager
installation on that server is also damaged and no longer functions. If at
the configure page I hit cancel, then the next time I connect to the VO URL,
I get the configure page again. If I copy the servlet.properties file from
the /tomcat4/.../nps/web-inf directory into the new /tomcat4/.../vo/web-inf
directory, then the config page tells me that it has a current
configuration, but I still cannot get past this page without letting the
configuration process run and then both VO and iManager are broken.

My only fix at this point is to uninstall all the web applications via the
GUI, copy out the tomcat and apache file systems, and reinstall using the
nw65sp4a Overlay Product CD. My problem here is that I'm forced to install
iManager 2.5 (I don't necessarily want this since I have Novell Identity
Manager 2 installed and that has plugin problems with iMan2.5). I also lose
the "welcome" files that give me links to all the web management utilities
(php, mysql, apache admin, tomcat admin, etc). These do not get reinstalled
(or at least I can't find them after the reinstall).

Has anyone seen this problem as well? Is there a problem with this service
pack if IDM2 is installed? I've read that there could be a problem with VO
installations if a Login Policy is active on the PCO object, but to my
knowlege, all my Login Policies are only assigned to User Directories and
are not set to any server containers. I've also not set these policies to
partition roots, so I shouldn't have any problems with a policy beind
inherited. I'm unsure about the defualt DirXML login policy that gets
created because I cannot edit it and I don't know where this policy is

Thaks for any help youmay be able to provide.