We just installed NW6.5 SP4a on new server hardware and had some hard disk
issues along the way which were resolved and the server "seems" to be
working fine.

However, in C1 the icons for the <ServerName>_Sys, <ServerName>_Sys_Pool
and Admin_<ServerName> objects are the question marks. The same objects
on our other server have the proper icons. Also, if I open a user
template, select the Environment tab, and attempt to browse to the volume
we store home drives on, the <ServerName>_Sys volume does not show in the
window, while the other two volume do. This only happens on this server
as well.

Other than these two anomalies, the server seems to be working fine but I
am suspicious. We have also tried running a low level DOS utility to scan
the hard drive array, that didn't find any issues.

Is there something else I can check?