I have sftp working in a limited fashion on a NW6.0 SP5 server. The problem I am trying to work around is that SFTP wants to map users to there home directory (which is not on the SFTP server) and therefore fails to let the user map, walk, or view any files or folder that they have rights to.

So far the onyl work around (that is NOT acceptable) is to remove the home directory settings in ConsoleOne. Does anyone know if there is a command that can be placed in the sshd_config file that tells OpenSSH and SFTP to ignore these settings and use the remote folder settings from the client?

I guess I could create a secondary account to issue to those users who need access to the SFTP service...but this seems like a waste of time, resources, and licenses.

Michael Douglas
University of Phoenix
POS 420
BSIT Student/Online (CST)