Went to upgrade a nw506a server to nw604 this past weekend. Used
migration wizard 7.1.401.23. The nw5 server was running edir 85.12a &
the nw6 server running 8.7.1.

Migration went fairly well until edir was removed from the nw5 server &
to be installed on the nw6 server. It failed there stating the
database was incompatible. Actually, it failed after backing up edir
on nw5 server, shutting it down & then tried to restore it to the nw6

This left us in a kinda bad way, the new server did NOT reboot, but it
DID take on the name of the old server, which was not shut down w/ no
edir on it. The nw6 server had no edir on it either.

Edir was healthy & all servers synced to time, etc before we started.

We muddled thru getting things up & running again, by manually
installing edir on the nw6 server & manually assigning user rights,
creating ndps printers, etc etc.

Anyone want to give it a shot letting me know what might have happened,
& what we can do to avoid this as we have 4 more to do in the next
couple months.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.