Hi, I wonder, I've got a small network with 4 computers and 1 server.
Yesterday I've setup NW6 and have periodic problems.
When server booted, I can logon from some of the computers, and they can
browse the fileserver fine.
Then I try to reboot workstations, and now it can't logon.
First I''ve got error, Error to NSAM, here I find doc on the web, to
disable this at the client/connection properties.
So now it looks likes it login but drivesletters are missing, and
message "Cannot reconect", I can now browse the network, see the tree,
and server, but if I try to map a drive, then it says "The path cannot be
It's like I havent write access???
This I tried from to different computers/Workstations 1 WinXP and 1 Win98.
If I go reboot the server, I can logon right away.
The server dosent show any errors at all.
And from other cther computer when connected, they have absolute no
I hoppe somebody know what it can be?