We have a newly installed server (NW6.5SP4 from the overlay CDs) that has
gone unknown in eDirectory after installation. This server was installed
into a temporary container in the tree and then moved to the container where
it will be put into production. We have done this process several times
before without any problems (this is a workaround we have been using when a
server won't install into the production container smoothly). After the
latest move the server object shows up as unknown (?) in ConsoleOne. All of
the other objects that get created with the server install, including the
volume objects, moved without issue and even properly reference the moved

I have twice removed eDirectory from the server, deleted the server object
and everything else that was created, and reinstalled the server from
scratch with no luck. The server object looks fine in the temporary
context, but then goes unknown after the move. The first time the NFAUUser
and NFAUWorld objects were also unknown, but those moved successfully this
last time. The only difference between this new server and the others that
we have used this workaround with is that there is a "-" (dash) in the name
of the server. We have older servers with dashes, so this may be a useless
piece of information.

Our tree is a mix of NW4.11 (these are being phased out as the new servers
come online), NW5.0, NW6.0, and NW6.5 servers. All servers are patched to
the latest SP and DS versions (no SP5 for NW6.5 yet). The tree appears to
be healthy and all servers appear to be communicating properly.

Any ideas as to what to try? What are the implications of removing
eDirectory from the server, deleting the (unknown) server object, and then
reinstalling eDirectory rather than doing a full reinstall of the server?
How will this affect the other server-related objects that were created as
part of the initial install and reference the server?

Thank you very much in advance for any ideas or assistance.

Mark Leach
Network Administrator
Charlottesville City Schools