As with SP4/4a, the expanded version of NW65SP is too big to fit on 1 CD
(for sure the 74min type, maybe also the 80 min size). For multiple
servers, a CD copy can be useful.

Once again I used EasyCD Creator to make a 2 CD set (ECDC makes it easy to
drop a subdirectory from the CD project); I put NW65PS5/PROD on the 2nd
one, everything else on the first one, then used the GUI filer to copy the
CDs to one place on a server volume. nwconfig was happy, I was happy.

Other suggestions from last time are to find unused lang files (.../NL/n
directories, usually) and delete those from the expansion, or to use a USB
drive, or graduate to DVDs.

Hope this reminder helps out.


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