We have a server NW6.5SP3 which is installed on a DELL PE1650. Last week I
attempted to install NW6.5SP4A and it stalled at particular point which I
hoped would clear but after a day or so it was still hung and I rebooted the
server. I did not choose to back up files from the service pack as there is
very little space left on the drives. When I tried to installed the SP
again it came up with the suspended processes and would not let it continue.
I cleared the autoexec.ncf from loading anything that had to do with JAVA
and reran the upgrade with the same result. Java cannot unload due to
suspended processes. I tried the down server upgrade and I get a message
stating that an attempt to upgrade must be made while the server is running
before it can be upgraded in a powered down state. I burned the CD at 4x
with VSCAN disabled like the instructions stated.

I tried the same processes with NW65SP5 with the same result.

Any ideas?