I am currently running a 4 node cluster with Netware6.5 sp2. It has been
in place running for close to 2 years without any problems but it is
getting to the point where we can't use certain features because we are
at sp2. I've read so many issues with sp3,sp4, sp5 that I don't know
which one I should install or if should just stay at sp2 a little while
longer. We run iPrint, Zenworks 6.5, Groupwise 6.5, iManager2x,
iFolder2x all spread out on these 4 nodes. Any insight that could be
offered before I make the jump would be much appreciated. It sounds like
the biggest problem everyone was having is the support pack stalling
which was mostly related to not unloading all services before starting
the upgrade. Are there any other gotchas when upgrading a cluster?? Does
it matter which node you upgrade first??? Should you shutdown the cluster
completely on all servers before doing any support pack?