restartI've looked through the thread and saw a couple other have had
issues with java when trying to up date to SP5...

I have a server that runs Webaccess for GW6.5 it is NW65SP3OES

I have tried reming out almost everything in the autoexec.ncf and
everything after mounting the volumes is pretty much remed out while I
tried to get the Patch to go.

Java: JAVA.NLM should not be unloaded because one or more suspended
Java An exception occurred while cleaning up Help. The JVM running this
class is permently suspendedand its resuarces ar unrecoverable

On a couple of modules JAVA returns warning messages about exceptions then
will finally go to the next module to repaet the messages

the Patch will finally reach a point after copying the TCPIP/TCPN that it
trys to unload JAVA that it used during the install
and it enters a loop of
Java -shutdownall
Java -exit

because Java will not unload.