I have started rolling out 6.5 Sp5 and it has gone fine on serveral HP
DL380's (G2's and above). However one server is proving to be

It is an orignal (HP)/Compaq DL380 with 1.8gb RAM, 2 x 1ghz processers
and 3 x 144GB drives (RAID5).

It has been working fine until SP5. Now we get 100% utilisation on one
of the processors.

I've tried all the usual stuff - running CPQDPLOY to back rev the
drivers (and also upgrading them) rem'ing out all unnecessary programs
like a/v etc, making it single processor etc etc but still we get this.
It doesn't go to 100% straight away but after about 5 - 10 minutes.
I've even put the disks in another exact DL380 and the same thing

I haven't a spare G2 or above to try this on but I suspect it will work
in that.

Maybe a warning for anyone upgrading this type of server.

Chris A