I'm installing a NSBS 6.6 on a computer with the Epox board 8HDA3+.
I'm using the SI3114 in RAID0 with two SATA drives of 250 Gb.

I already make about 20 installations to find a error for my problem, but I
cannot find anything.

After install the nestware 6.5 I have two volumes: One SYS with 40 Gb and
the other DATA with about 435 Gb.
After write something on volume DATA, for example install the GW7 and reset
the computer, the volume DATA disappears.

Run NSS /poolrebuild=DATA it reports "NSS rebuild failed"
Run NSS /poolverify=DATA it report "Can't load system beats. Can't continue"

The volume SYS work fine.

Thank´s for any help