I have 11 NW 6.5 SP3 servers in our tree. Long story short, one disk
crashed and I ended up reinstalling this server into a new context and
getting rid of the old one. Everything was working fine when I set up the
server here at my office (where our master server resides). But now that I
put the server out at the site where it has to communicate over the WAN,
our master server here can't see it (except in display servers) and that
server can't see the master. I did all the steps in TID10088753 to change
the IP address and that seemed to work okay. What did I miss?

Why does "display servers" see it, but not other processes? I ran a
DSREPAIR and I get "could not connect to server by name -626" and "the
server object is in local replica-626" I can't find the -626 error message
on the knowledgebase.

Any help appreciated