Netware 6.0SP5 server in tree (NSS) and five volumes had to be reset
due to high CPU utilization. In the 90% extended. It had only been up
for 50 days.
Users were complaining of very slow file opening and operation of our
MAS90 application.
I never did learn how to read monitor so here are the specifics:
Original Cache buffers 1,014,697 Before Restart and 1,014,695
immediately after.
total Cache buffers 488,897 Before and 252,945 after
dirty Cache buffers both 0
long term cache hits both 0%
current disk requsets both 0
Packet Receive buffers both 2,000
directory cache buffers both 0
maximum service processes both 900
Current service processes 246 before and 158 after
current MP service processes 46 before and 15 after (what is an MP
Current connections 62 before and 12 after restart
open files 7,953 before and 508 after.

Plans are to upgrade server to 6.5sp4a some time in the near future.
Any suggestions in the interim will be appreciated.