Our old NW4.2 server bit the dust.I installed 6.5 on a loaner server,
recreated users, and restored all the data. We have received our new
server and I want to do an over the wire migration. It would seem pretty
straightforward per the book. I am not upgrading the software,that has
been done. I'm just moving to newer hardware. To make things a little
hairier, the loaner server I am currently useing does not have a tape
backup. I am backing up the data volume to a Windows server, but I do not
have a full system backup.

My questions are:
1. Is it as straight forward as it seems running the Migration Wizard?
2. Are there any problems having the same copy of NetWare loaded on the
Destination Server? I know NetWare gets frantic when it sees a copy of
itself. I would think this would be an exception, but I figured I had
better ask.
3. Is there anything I didn't ask that I should know?

Any assistance on this would be highly appreciated. I am CNE for NW6.0 but
with only one Novell server this type of situation doesn't happen often.