Hello everyone,
I am planning to upgrade our two-node NW6.5 SP4a cluster and our NW6.5 SP4a
web server this weekend to SP5. There are three issues I am hoping the SP
will fix:
1. OpenSSH has not worked properly for us since installing SP4a. Basically,
you cannot change directories. The user can login to their home directory
and that's it.
2. Cache Performance: we have to reboot one node on the cluster about once a
week due to the cache allocator running out of memory.
3. Virtual Office has been hosed since SP4a. Launching it from IE will abend
the server.

However, I am more concerned about what SP5 may break. I noticed that there
were a few issues listed with Zenworks 6.5. We are still running version
4.0.1 of zen. Does anyone know if SP5 will do any damage to version 4.0.1?

We are also running Novell Account Managemet 3.0.2 for ID/password
synchronzation between edirectory and stand-alone windows servers. Any
issues with SP5 here?