Server rebooted several times.
health CHeck (TID 10060600) is clean.
eDir without partitioning, 3 servers, RW-Replica on this server, all Servers
running NW6.5.5

I had to change the default IP for that server. As this is much easier with
NW6.5.x I postponed that till after this upgrade: The will be
removed from that LAN. But the IP Configuration in RM doesn't do what it should:

I used RM IP management to switch the default IP from to, no errors, Cert's summary only OKs. (Both IPs were bound already
before the upgrade.)

RM *does* show, that the default IP is, for httpstk's "default IP"
(81,8008, 8009) in the details it also presents, that in RM's opinion these are
bound to

But TCPCON shows, that they *ARE* still bound to Also a run of
PKIDIAG (2.70) shows, that the default IP still is

What is going wrong here?

How to correct?

was wondering what would happen when I just remove the, so that the
*WRONG* default IP simply isn't bound any more. But I do not want to mess up the
situation, suspect, that this might be no good idea.

Thanks for any suggestions,


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