I have a problem in booting the NW 6.5 sp server after installing the patch
because it stops with the latest message:

Scanning for devices and Partitions

It has traditional volumes and prior to installing the sp5 it was running on
sp4 for a long time without any problems.

I've tried with another server of the same hardware type (IBM xSeries 232,
model 8668) and got the same situation after restarting the server that has
to be done after installing the service pack.

What's more, after the server stops just before mounting the sys volume I've
started another console (option 3 after putting CTRL+ALT+ESC) and than put
command down in order to get back to DOS. Finally, after running server from
DOS the server goes up and running without any problems!?

That's really weird because the server cannot be restarted in regular manner
and without manual intervention, what's the worst.

Any help would be very appreciated.