I am having some problems with Arcserve 11.1 connecting from a nw5.1
server to a remove 6.5 server. Sys$log.err complained about connection
licenses. I have 6.5 users licenses assigned to the nw6.5 server and
just assigned the 6.5 server license to the server via imanage. I see
from another message that it is supposed to stay unassigned.

What is the proper way to handle this licensing? I realize the the user
licenses in 6.x+ are no longer server centric but also are not
concurrent like before.

So in each case, server and user, they need to be in the same container
or above and not assigned to servers.

I can get arcserve to work with the NWagent, but if I unload the agent,
I was getting user connection license problems. fffffd7f if I recal