I loaded Netware 6.0. I then put SP5 on that system. I then loaded Netware
6.5. During the 6.5 install, the installer tried to install old files on
top of the newer ones already on my system. I chose to never overwrite
newer files with older ones.

Now I'm trying to update to 6.5 SP5 and get an error when I load NWCONFIG
(also happens when loading PING). The error I get is that NWSNUT.NLM can
not load because it can not find Symbol:GetRawKeyWithScreen.

I can only find one article on the internet
and none on the Novell site, that talk about this. The one I found mentions
problems with not having the latest version of MONITOR.NLM or NWCONFIG.NLM.
I specificially remember choosing to never overwite newer files, so I don't
know why that would be a problem.

This is not a production environment box, and there is no software loaded
or configured on this box outside of what comes with a totally default
install of 6.0, 6.0 SP5, and 6.5. Hopefully someone knows what is going on.