Cliff Wiernik wrote:
> Doing a test of an upgrade of a HP ML370G2, BIOS P25 dated 2002. Doing
> an inplace upgrade. Only additional service is DNS/DHCP. Went through
> the first part of the upgrade okay and copied files. System rebooted
> and started the 2nd part of the install. CSP 7.40 was loaded previously
> to the upgrade. After loading the 3-4 hard disk and dlttape related
> drivers, it attempts to mount SYS. At this point it gets an abend in
> VDISK and/or VREPAIR tied to NSS.nlm and FATFS.nlm (critical error) each
> and every time. I did log the abend.log file.
> We are testing the live upgrade process with similar systems (ML370G3)
> cannot have this happen.
> Any ideas as to the cause.

I also see that I get a critical sectioning error preventing fatfs.nlm
process error. I upgrade the machine bios to the latest from HP. Did
not check the RAID yet.

This was a 5.1 server that may have been created during the Compaq boot
drive from smartsys error timeframe. I am not certain.

Did not do a checkdsk on the dos boot drive. Will try that.

I know if we had a coredump.image file and the c driver and deleted it
from a workstation via dosfat.nss, it could create a problem that chkdsk
repaired. I will check this.

Any other thoughts??????