Hi All,

After a successful migration from NW 5.1 -> NW 6.5 I started doing a
little bit of cleanup. One of these steps was to upgrade the timesync
from the version NW 5.1 was using to the new (I guess) version that
came with NW 6.5.

I went into iManager under the Time Synchronization section and chose
"Migration." I followed the prompts and it appeared to do its job. On
the main time sync server I have a new console screen titled "XNTPD
(NTP Service) Progress Screen" where I can see it talking to my chosen
time servers.

The problem is, when I run DSREPAIR I do not get anything that says all
the servers (4) are in sync. The columns titled "Time Source," "Time is
in sync," and "Time +/-" are blank. If I look in ConsoleOne under
Server>Properties>General>Server Information> Time in sync: Time not in

Any ideas?