I renamed a server and moved it from one organizational unit to
another (WTWOHIO in ou=OH to WTWPRINT in ou=PGH1).

PKIDiag is complaining about the SAS object needing to be renamed. I
ran PKIDIAG in the fix mode, but it didn't fix that.

When I looked at the object however, it seemed to be in the right
place and named correctly. Nevertheless, I deleted it.

I thought I had read to run a "SASI" utility to recreate it, but now,
I can't find that utility, or he article that I thought mentioned it. I
tried to use iManager to "Create a new SAS service object" but I got an
unknown error returned.

So, I've deleted the "SAS Service - WTWPRINT", and I don't know how
to get it back.

Obviously, I'm confused. Can someoe give me a push in he right
direction here before I really screw something up? I promise I won't
delete anything else if I'm not sure what I'm doing <g>

Jim Helfer