Hi All, I upgraded my OES 6.5 server from SP4 to SP5, hoping to fix an
issue with NetStorage. After the SP install, Apache wouldn't start. So, no
NetStorage, no iManager either, but Remote Manager (portal.nlm) was fine.
Running ap2webup did nothing. I found nothing useful in the error_log for
Apache either. I poured through the forums and the KB and googled myself
silly, all with no joy. Just now I started looking through the
SYS:/Apache2/Conf/httpd.conf and it turns out that the SP either
uncommented or added the following line near the bottom of the conf file:

include sys:\apache2\ifolder\server\httpd_ifolder_nw.conf

I don't have iFolder installed!

I commented out the line and lo and behold ap2webup brings me great joy as
apache is up and running and now I have iManager and NetStorage back.

I hope this helps someone in the same boat as me!
Paul Rooney
IDC Australia