I'm trying to do an upgrade from a 5.0 server to a 6.5. I'm having one
problem after the other, so I thought I'd ask for some help. Iím working
with my backup server, so Iím not sweating yet.

First, I ordered some new hardware to go with the new OS. The new stuff is
in the recommenced category. I tried pulling the drive and PCI controller
( a promise) to the new system but it wouldnít boot in the new system.

So I could get it to boot with the onboard IDE controller, but there is an
error at the very end loading the volume. I figure a driver issue, so I
though Iíd try the upgrade path. I used the GUI console and clicked
install like in the docs. I can see the CD volume and directories, but not
eh files, so I can select the product.ni file as disclosed. Any ideas here.

In ten meantime, I tried a clean install on another drive. Iíd prefer an
upgrade to save all my users, but I could live with recreating that. I was
stuck on the configure IP section. Of all things, it seems like my KVM
switch is sending all 1's (like a key is stuck - go figure) when trying to
configure the IP. I had to stop, because I had an extra KB, but not an
extra mouse.

However, I did try to set it up with just IPX, but it said I had to install
TCPIP too. The help said I could just use IPX if I wanted too, but the
system said no. I really donít want the server to be accessible through
our broadband connection, so isnít just an IPX connection the way to go?
Maybe it wasnít a true IP because I used the groupwise service on the install?

Any help would be appreciated. Chris