A while back I upgraded our NW5.1 server to NW6.0. It is currently at
SP4. I now have need of using Web Access for our Groupwise 6.0.2 users
but cannot get it to work correctly. I suspect that some of the
information got scrambled or co-mingled during the migration from 5.1. I
also have a second server running BorderManager. WebAccess & GW are
running on the other NW6.0 server.

I can get the sign-on screen for the Groupwise Agent from either inside
or outside the office but am not able to authenticate.

I am running Tomcat33 and Apache 1.3.20a. The components seem to load
but there are some odd messages.

I really only need to have the Groupwise access via the WebAccess not any
of the other functions.

What would be the next recommended step?

Would it be best to uninstall/reinstall/update the Tomcat and Apache
components and then reconfigure the Groupwise access again?

Thoughts and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Gary Drost