SP4a seems to have installed okay and server is working and booting fine.

A couple of files would not copy.

These are error messages that displayed:
inflating: system/NLS/8/java.msg
Nisp2.iFastCopyFile: Could not open remote source file SYS:\ETC\XACCEL.OLD
Nisp.iFastCopyFile: Errno(17), NetWareErrno (131)
nisp2. Could not copy file SYS:\ETC\XACCEL.OLD to SYS:ETC\XACCEL.INI
Nisp2.copyThread verb* 42: Could not copy file.

I did see some files in SYS:PUBLIC\CONSOLEONE show as corrupt during early
parts of installation. The installation seemed to go normally until 2 files
would not copy.
I ran vrepair and issues were found with SYS:ETC directory.

Vrepair errors:
Error at directory entry 194671

Original Entry - Long names directory entry
Invalid attribute bits are set

Corrected Entry - Long names directory entry

I then reinstalled SP4a and found the two files in SYS:ETC still would not

Two questions:
1. ) What services may not upgraded or installed properly on this box.
2. ) How can I correct the corrupt files on the SYS: volume.

Is there a log that would have documented which files were found to be
corrupted on the SYS: volume? Could the Public and ETC be the corrupt
directories? Could I just copy these directories from a similar server?