I am wondering how Novell tracks the user license on the Netware 6.5
servers? With NetWare 5.1, it checks each connection and it will limit me
when I exceed the maximum connections. If we upgrade to Netware 6.5, I
understand it is based on the user objects. What happens when I temporary
have more users logon on the network than what I have purchased the license
for? Also, we have a lot of co-op comes and go. When they login to the
Netware 6.5 server, how long will this object keeps the license for? Our
co-op usually stays for 4-months terms?

Also, how is the Netware user license relating to the GroupWise licenses?
We have some GroupWise accounts that we create to share email e.g. SALES
account. This SALES account will not be used to logon to the network.
However, I have to create the Netware account SALES before I can create the
GroupWise SALES account. This forcing me to have the SALES Netware ID which
is not the intend of the object. Is there a workaround for that?