Greetings all,

I posted this in the nmas news group with no reply so I decided to try here.

I upgraded 11 NetWare boxes to sp4a about a month ago. We use ldapmodify to
change (MAC) user's simple password. I was told today that it was not
working...and has not been since the upgrade.

I found this TID ....
This issue has been addressed by Novell Engineering and is scheduled to be
released to the public in NMAS 2.40
shipping with NW65sp5 and OESsp2

As a workaround download NMAS 2.3.8 and copy NMAS.NLM into sys:\system and
restart the server.

My questions are:

If I back-rev---will this break anything else? (Identity Manager, Zen,
I would like to back-rev it on only 1 server....the same server I bind to
when doing the ldapmodify. But will this replicate out to the other servers
running nmas 2.3.9 or cause any problems?

When do you think Novell will release a standalone update for nmas I don't have to upgrade to sp5/oes sp2 quite yet or will they?

Thank you,